About Us-Sydney’s Team

The Sydney Angle Foundation was started to honor the memory of Sydney Angle. This is a nonprofit foundation which will enhance Oklahoma athletes in honor of Sydney Angle.


Dan Angle, Sydney’s dad
Nicole Angle, Sydney’s mom
  Vicky, mom to Syd’s BFF Legacy, wife to Landon, and genius behind our clothing department. Handles Landon too 🙂
Landon McNeill, Syd’s coach… named her MVP, made her the player she was, and was the perfect coach for Syd.
Mary, Syd’s friend Ryssypoo’s momma.  Donation seeker, connections finder, and always a friend to Syd.
DJ, Syd’s buddy, always giving her pickles.. and making her smile. Our bracket genius, and entertainment when things get stressful.

Not pictured but SUPER important!!

We have many more faces to add to our team, we have so many people that work so hard to make our tournament a great success!!  Each year we have more and more volunteers that make our tournaments such a success, we would have pages and pages of our team!!  Sydney’s team works with more love for our girl than we could ever imagine!!!  Each person has a unique addition to our team!