The Sydney Angle Memorial Foundation Softball Tournament

The first Sydney Angle Memorial Tournament was put together by Syd’s coach Landon Mcneill and the families on her team Bring It ’04 as a benefit so help her family recover after the storm that took our little girl from us as well as our home and most of our belongings.  Teams and players from every corner of the country reached out to help from every competitive level the sport has to offer.  Oklahoma’s own Sooner girls have even embraced us and continue to treat us like family.

That week was such a success, it became obvious to the Bring It family & Sydney’s family that we needed to create an annual event in which we could both honor Syd’s memory and spirit, as well as bring that softball community together each year to give something back.  In 2014 after creating the Sydney Angle Memorial Foundation, we hosted a similar tournament, this one with the intent to raise funds not for the family, but for the community.  The profits we raised went into a fund from which we were able to award three scholarships to Oklahoma high school senior softball players looking to further their educations at the collegiate level.  But we’re just getting started.  The next year was even bigger! We doubled the teams, involved the baseball fields, doubled our volunteers and raised almost $35,000, awarding 5 scholarships.  The next year went even further!  Last year, in 2016 we raised over $40,000 and awarded 9 more girls with our scholarship.  And again so much more in 2017 than I could ever imagine.  This year we have even more teams ready to play4syd.   MYBA has partnered with the foundation, giving 2018’s tournament more than 120 teams!!  But the weather had other plans… we were still BLESSED beyond measure with donations, partysydstyle and the local news, we still raised enough for 7 scholarships!!  This year we are joining baseball again and they are working to fill up all the fields and have many more teams coming to play4syd in 2019!  We have a group of extremely dedicated friends and family tirelessly working to make each year a bigger success than the last.  We have a number of fantastic and generous local businesses stepping up year after year to help us via donations to maximize the profit of this tournament which in turn maximizes the amounts we’re able to award via scholarship.  We’re growing and always looking for businesses that would like to grow with us.  Because we are a 501c3 foundation, all donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.











April 20,21,&22 at the Moore Girls Softball park at Buck Thomas!

1550 NE 12th Street, Moore, OK 73160

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer, Please call or text Julie @ 405-202-5978

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